IUNNA Vision Systems

Vision Systems

The use of computer images allows us to characterize objects and search for defects through the analysis of shapes, dimensions, colors, etc. All in a totally automated way and keeping performance totally under control.

IUNNA Hyperspectral

Hyperspectral Imaging

This is a technology that combines the versatility of artificial vision with the power of spectroscopy. Rendering multidimensional images which allow chemical composition study by means the infrared and ultraviolet spectra.

IUNNA Data Analysis

Data Analysis

A step further in data treatment (by means of artifical intelligence and the new trends in Big Data) allows the extraction of additional precious information on both the produce and the procedure, having a positive impact in profit margins.

IUNNA Industrial Implantation

Industrial Implantation

The inspection solutions are totally customized by IUNNA. The hardware and software development processes is totally controlled by IUNNA too. We have experience in the integration of our systems in industrial production process.


IUNNA Indutrial Equipment

Industrial Equipment

Partnering with our customers, we give them support in dedicated software and hardware developments as part of their business of industrial equipment production.

IUNNA Automotive


Quality control plays a key role in the automotive industry. Our solutions allow the fulfillment of the high levels of excellence, both from a visual and security point of view.

IUNNA Food and Agro

Food And Agro

Our solutions have a direct impact in the Food and Agro sector. Raw materials, semi-processed and final product are checked to meet the production standards set by the industry.

IUNNA printing and accountacy


IUNNA is also involved in the printing and accountancy business. We offer hardware and software applications for the automation of inspection and counting in fast print processes.



Software application and motor for automatic accountancy.


Number inspection in fast printing processes.


Inspection of windscreen cut and printed glass.


Connecting rod stamping quality control.


IUNNA was born in 2015, as an enterprise devoted to delivering the most competitive and reliable industrial control customer solutions, based on machine vision and optical technologies. The company is a totally private venture, with its headquarters in the Valencia Technology Park, Spain, but servicing the whole Spanish territory and Europe.

Although still young as a company, the promoters and staff have a long and vast experience in the different fields of technology at stake. Having worked in the past in other technology institutes, universities and companies, our customer portfolio extends from the Food and Agro industry to the automotive industry, not to forget the industrial equipment manufacturers and other areas of industrial production.


At IUNNA, every member of staff has something to say. We are physicists, software and telecommunication engineers. Our different backgrounds and expertise, together with our dedication and professionalism, allow us to face the challenges present in any industrial environment, and always pursuing the most convenient solutions to our customers.

Our technologists have more than 10 years experience in the fields of computer vision design and implementation, software development and industrial implantation of quality control systems, and data processing.

Customers and Partners

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